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Anna Lascata Babette Skirt

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Anna Lascata Babette Skirt
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Anna Lascata Babette Skirt

Flattering flared panel skirt with large waistband,
Length 58cm.

Suede is a natural product, goat suede that is used for the clothing of Anna Lascata is a natural product of excellent quality, a living material that breathes and is flexible.
The skin is a natural product and the sometimes visible veins, scars and small shades characterize the authenticity of your garment.
These are not manufacturing defects, and they can not be regarded as a complaint.

The colors of suede and leather, the suede is dyed after tanning.
Suede can deliver, especially dark colors like black, dark blue, but can, however, give off too. Red Typically, the release after a period of time less because the loose abrasive particles disappear.
The loose particles are also removed with adhesive tape to which the adhesive is not issued, they continue to stick to the adhesive tape.
It also helps by gently rubbing with a cloth. Correct direction in the suede Repeat this treatment two or three times.

Before you start wearing suede
Use for wearing your suede garment with Vario spray of Collonil. The impregnates spray, makes the water-repellent suede and are protected against dirt. Repeat the treatment after 10 times instructed to remain protected. Garment Also repeat the treatment after the wet or clean your clothing

Take good care of your suede
The color of the suede may be affected by bright sunlight.
Use a well-shaped Hanger to keep your clothes in proper form
Suede and leather are a natural product.

We recommend not to keep the clothing in a sealed plastic bag, but to ensure that the leather and suede can breathe.

Perspiration can leave stains on leather and suede leather and would eventually be able to dry out.

The cleaning of suede and leather
Avoid contact with skin and makeup can leave stains on the collar, pockets and cuffs. Small spots sometimes disappear even by rubbing.

Suede of the garment together Stains can be removed carefully with a soft brush or Collonil Nubuck Box.
Please note that you are only trying to remove the above products as the suede is dry, stain otherwise the structure of the suede easily damaged.

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