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Hunter Wellies

We stock a variety of ladies and gents wellies here at Brocklehursts of Bakewell, but have you ever wondered about the origins of the Wellington Boot? 

They were invented as you may have guess by The Duke of Wellington, in the early 1800s, somewhere around 1810. They didn’t actually look or feel anything like the boots we have now, they were actually just multipurpose boots the Duke had created for his various military campaigns.

It wasn’t until 1852 that the boots themselves began to be made out of rubber, prior to this the were made out of leather, it was actually in the U.S.A. where the first rubber “wellie” was manufactured. The boot is extremely popular in the U.K. but it’s even more popular in the country of Canada, were locals use them to keep their feet dry during the spring time as the snows begin to melt.

Today the boot itself is a functional and fashionable accessory being as much at home at a hip and trendy festival as it is on the farm or in the countryside.


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