Out on the Pull!

For many years now I’ve wanted to learn to shoot, more specifically the quarry I was after was the common ‘clay pigeon’, but never really knew how to go about it. To be honest I thought there was a bit too much camo gear and frustrated Rambo fantasy fulfillment going on. That was until I came across a wonderful group of ladies by the name of ‘The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club’ and their equally appetising motto ‘For ladies who have their cake and eat it!’. Their aim is to introduce as many women as possible to clay shooting, with the added bonus of sampling a large array of home-made cakes at the end of it, all beautifully displayed on fine bone china cake stands.


So with a fair amount of trepidation, last Saturday I donned my faithful Dubarry Galway Boots and Schoffel Uppingham (it might be May but it’s cold and wet, and I didn’t intend to be) and set forth to the shooting ground. On arrival, I was instantly put at ease with a friendly greeting and the knowledge that I wasn’t the only beginner among the assembled ladies. After the initial introductions and a steadying cup of coffee, we were split into groups of six and allocated an instructor, dependent on our ability. To my horror I was put into the ‘mixed’ ability group but I needn’t have worried, everyone was so supportive and encouraging, and Andy, our instructor, was fantastic. Firstly he introduced me to my partner for the day, a 12 gauge double barrelled over-and-under shotgun, a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and perfect for ‘sporting’ clays. Sporting means the clays are thrown into the air in a variety of ways that are meant to resemble natural targets such as partridge or teal.

So far so good ....

So far so good ….

Next he sorted out my stance, then how to hold the gun, so far so good, then he told me how to follow the clay, wait for it to pass and shoot ahead of it, keeping the gun moving. I shouted ‘Pull’, the clay was released, I followed it and ….. bang, the clay was no more and I was hooked. Obviously it was beginners luck as I proceeded to miss the next four clays but that didn’t deter my enthusiasm.

Beginner's luck ?!

Beginner’s luck ?!

Over the next hour I began to understand why the shooting coats we sell at work have to be warm and weatherproof, are specially tailored for flexibility and have lots of handy pockets for cartridges, gloves, glasses and possibly the odd hip flask. There was only one piece of kit I forget to take with me and that was a cap but I won’t make that mistake next time.

And how could I possibly not show you the best bit ……. there will definitely be a next time!

'For ladies who have their cake and eat it!'

‘For ladies who have their cake and eat it!’

and for 'seconds' .....

and for ‘seconds’ …..

So if you think you might just get hooked as well, why not check out Musto’s New Evolution Clay Shooting range of shooting attire …..

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    1. Brocklehursts of Bakewell

      Hi – yes we had already ‘clocked’ that one but regrettably neither of us will be able to make it as elsewhere on that Saturday. Please keep us informed of any other events coming up in the area – we had such a great time last time and would just love to come again! Thanks.


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