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In 1865 the Stetson company was founded and has recently celebrated its 150th anniversary. Stetson hats are recognized across the globe. It all began with the so-called “10 gallon hat”. a hat in which you could transport 10 gallons of water. Though time has passed many of the tradition methods are still used to make their hats. Durability is the key to their success as the frontiersmen and the pioneers of the time required a hard wearing and rugged product to protect them from the harshness of the weather. The company has diversified through time and along with the traditional cowboy hats they now produce a range of fashion hats and much more.
Brocklehursts are now proud to stock their Stetson caps and hats from the company’s range made from wool and leather and pig skin. Stetson impresses with its winter and summer collections and timeless basics that men and women can wear the whole year through.


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Showing 12 products(s) Page 1 of 1