On The Road With Brocklehursts

The show season is once again upon us. You can always tell, there’s feverish activity in the warehouse, the boss becomes like the elusive Scarlet Pimpernel – they seek him here, they seek him there, and phrases like ‘can I just borrow for show unit’ become common place.

What exactly do we mean by the show season? Well, it’s something we’ve done for over 40 years, from May through to September we take Brocklehursts on the road. Quite literally, covering the length and breadth of the country, we take our mobile exhibition unit to country shows and horse trials, spreading the word about ‘the best country clothing in the country’. (Click here to see our full Show Diary).

Traditionally everything kicks off with Badminton Horse Trials. From that moment on it’s a whirl of activity. Constant deliveries, the ever popular Schoffel fleeces, classic country boots from Dubarry, Barbour jackets, the list goes on. Pick lists to be done from the warehouse, to replenish the stock for the next show.

And it’s not just the stock that needs to be organised. The staff travel around the country too, living out of the fleet of vehicles. That brings it’s own set of obstacles – catering! Who’s going to do the cooking this year? Menu planning, people’s likes and dislikes – who’s on a diet this year?Who’s given up sugar? Shopping needs to be done, meals prepared in advance. Accommodation, who snores? Everyone mucks in and it runs like a well oiled machine (most of the time!).

Once everything’s been packed into the lorry, checked and double checked, the wagons roll with the advance party – we have ourselves a convoy! On arrival at the next venue, all hands are on deck to set-up the stand. Cabinets are unloaded and rails unpacked, detailed planning is required to fit everything in the space, floor plans are consulted, discussions had – all culminating in what you see on the opening day of each show – a mobile shop full of some of the top brands in country clothing, including our own Brocklehursts brand.

So why not come and see us this year and meet the team, now you have a little insight into what goes on to take Brocklehursts on the road.

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