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Victorian Style Imition Ivory Mach 3 Razor

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 Victorian Mach 3 Razor Imitation Ivory

This Victorian style Mach 3 razor has been engineered to provide a balanced handle that ensures a comfortable and optimised shaving experience.


Always use hot water before shaving to soften the beard, open the pores and cleanse the skin.
A pre shave oil or gel is a great help when preparing to shave as it makes the shave easier and protects the skin.
Use Taylor's moisturising shaving cream and lather for at least 20 seconds.
Ideally, use a shaving brush to lift the beard from the face and soften the hair.
Use a quality razor blade with a handle that offers a good weight and balance. (Taylor's will always advise you).
Always shave in the direction of the hair growth as shaving against the grain can cause razor burns and in-growing hairs. If the hairs towards the base of the throat are growing in the opposite direction to the rest of the face, i.e. upwards, you must shave upwards in that area.
Do not apply heavy pressure to your razor as this can cause razor burn and skin irritation. Glide the razor gently over the face.
Rinse the face with cold water after shaving to assist pore closure.
In the event of nicks and cuts, use a moistened Alum Block to stop the bleeding.
Use an After Shave lotion to refresh and tone the skin after shaving. Men with sensitive skin should consider using alcohol free After Shave Balm. This contains Aloe Vera, mildly antiseptic Witch Hazel and a light fragrance.
Finally, rinse your brush well, shake out the excess moisture and always hang on a stand with the hairs facing downwards.